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3 min read
Dean Anderson

With markets falling, should I sell?

As we approach the one-year anniversary of Capitulation Monday, 23rd March 2020 when the government announced New Zealand would enter a level 4 lockdown resulting

An example of thematic funds is robotics
3 min read
Stephen Upton

The 101 of Investing in Thematic Funds 

Are you the sort of person who dreams about the next big thing or is astonished at how technology is changing and improving our lives? Yes? Us too. Welcome

7 min read
Catherine Emerson

What should I do with my Bonus Bonds?

Guest author: Ruth from The Happy Saver . Re-published with Ruth’s permission. This week I’ve received even more emails about Bonus Bonds with people asking what investment options

2 min read
Catherine Emerson

How safe is my investment?

When you make the decision to invest, it’s natural to seek comfort that your funds are being managed prudently. It doesn’t take much googling to

6 min read
Dean Anderson

What is an index?

If you’re interested in investing, you’ve probably been reviewing your options and may have come across index funds. It’s great if you have started reading about the

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