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2 min read
Catherine Emerson

How safe is my investment?

When you make the decision to invest, it’s natural to seek comfort that your funds are being managed prudently. It doesn’t take much googling to

Lump sum to invest
3 min read
Stephen Upton

How to invest a lump sum of money

Should I stagger my investments or invest a lump sum of money? Many investors know the concept and benefits of dollar-cost averaging or investing a

4 min read
Dean Anderson

How does an index fund work?

Index funds, like those run by us at Kernel, are dramatically disrupting traditional active fund managers and empowering a new generation of investors. But how

2 min read
Stephen Upton

Crashes Happen. Here’s What To Do.

It’s February 19, 2020: within 16 trading days the S&P 500 will fall over 20%. Six trading days later it will set a new record

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