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The world is evolving and so are we

In 2019, Kernel was created in response to our view that there needed to be better index investment options for the New Zealand market. Over the last 20 months, we have watched the surge in retail investors, the frustration with returns on savings accounts and people continually locked out of the property market.  

These were trends we anticipated may happen, but the speed at which they have (thanks Covid-19) has really been astounding. As the world continues to shift, there is an ever increasing focus on removing the middle men between the end investor and their portfolio, a real need for sustainable investments and a desire to build wealth in ways outside the traditional Kiwi property ownership dream.  

2021 marks the transition for Kernel from a pure index fund manager to something much more; a wealth management tool with quality investment funds to boot.  

Expanding on our mission

We’re passionate about creating a world where all Kiwis are wealthier, more financially literate, and good savings and investing behaviour is embedded for future generations.   

To do this, we strive for the best NZ based index funds available to Kiwi investors. Funds that are not only operationally efficient (hello low fees and better tax structures) but provided access to investments previously not available to New Zealanders.  

We will continue to champion index investing as the great long term wealth building strategy that it is. We will continue to call out underperforming active fund managers that charge high fees for the privilege of underperformance or sharing in the spoils but not in the pain. 

But to really embark on achieving this mission, we needed to do more with our platform to ensure it is serving the long-term needs of our customers.  

Expanding on our team, platform and services 

Over the past few months, we’ve been undergoing what you would typically call a ‘rebrand’ but in fact, it’s been more of an expansion. Our team has grown, our fund range has grown (and is about to again), and our tech platform has grown. The Kernel that you’ve gotten to know has needed to expand to allow these changes.  

You’ll see this in some simple ways – our logo, our use of different colours and illustrations. You’ll also see it in some bolder ways – our product roadmap (soon to be publicly available), our messaging and commitment to financial education.   

To our customers, thank you for supporting us on the journey so far and making the fulfilment of our mission a genuine joy. You will always come first – because unlike some legacy businesses where corporate and customers incentives are misaligned, we don’t believe this needs to be the case. We work hard to align everything we do with your long term interests; we don’t offer incentives or fee models that encourage short term speculation, poor financial habits or ‘quick wins’ – either for us as a business or you as an investor.  

To our foundational partners and suppliers, you guys rock! Any new business knows that it cannot effectively work in a silo and we are truly grateful for the support from so many.  

To our shareholders and our team, thank you for allowing us to pursue the dream, think big and work fast. Eight months ago we were a team of four and we’re currently 10 and still hiring (Want to join? We’d love to hear from you!).

We hope you enjoy Kernel’s new look and feel as much as we do – this is just the beginning of many things to come in 2021 and beyond!  

With much gratitude, 

Cat + the Kernel team 

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