Core Bundle

The core bundle provides broad investment across New Zealand and foreign companies. For those that want to invest both locally and globally, this bundle is one of the easiest ways to get started.


5 year p.a. index return to December 2021


Management fee p.a. (before rebate)


Total number of companies in the bundle


The funds in this bundle pay distributions

Bundle Overview

The Core Bundle is a portfolio of pre-set allocations to several of the Kernel funds. It is designed to help New Zealanders build long-term wealth through efficient allocation to a range of geographic, sector and asset class exposures. This is achieved by investing in low cost, tax efficient, and diversified funds aligned to these objectives. Suitable for investors with an investment time horizon of at least 5 years before seeking to spend large amounts of their portfolio. This portfolio is targeting stable equities and should suit investors with a medium-high risk tolerance.

Global 100


NZ 20


Small & Mid Cap Opportunities


Fund weightings

Transparency is key and we think you should know which Funds are in this bundle and their relative allocations. There are 161 companies in the Fund, spread across 10+ countries, with a 44% allocation to the U.S and 40% to NZ as at 31 December 2021. See the full sector and countries exposures at this date below.

Bundle Performance

3 months


1 year


3 years


5 years


Since Inception


Fund returns are after fees and at 0% PIR tax as at 30 November 2021.  *Returns longer than 1 year are calculated using Total Return Indices in NZD and do not include fees. Past returns are not indicative of future returns. See our full performance disclaimer for more details.

Portfolios under $25,000


Portfolios over $25,000


Fees & perks simplified

The investment management fee rebate is on your total invested portfolio, not per fund. For more information on how this works, please see here


The risk indicator reflects how much the value of the Fund’s assets goes up and down (volatility). A higher risk generally means higher potential returns over time, but more ups and downs along the way. The lowest risk rating doesn’t mean “risk-free” and this risk indicator is not a guarantee of a Fund’s future performance. 

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