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Invest for the future you want

Save, Invest or transfer you KiwiSaver and start working towards the future you want with Kernel.


To build long term wealth, you need a diversified portfolio. Start with one designed by our experts, or add and adjust your investments to match your interests.

  • Investing made easy with smart automation

  • 13 funds that invest across NZ and global markets

  • Super low management fees starting from 0.25%

Got questions?
We have answers.

  • Can I open an account for a child?

    Yes! Kernel offers Kids Accounts that can be opened for those aged under 18. You will need the child’s IRD number, NZ passport or birth certificate and your own NZ passport or driver's license. You can read how the application process works here. If the child does not yet have an IRD number and you are their parent or legal guardian you can apply with the IRD online.

  • How should I choose my investments?

    We’ve got some really great pointers on how to select investments and what to consider when investing in our blogs. You may also wish to consult a Financial Adviser (especially if your situation is complex), to help organise your finances and investments. You can contact us to find a financial adviser near to you.

  • Can I switch funds?

    Yes! You can switch funds online at any time for free. You can invest in any combination of funds that suit your retirement goals.

Start investing for a better tomorrow, today.

If you’d like to talk to a human, call us on 0800 537 635 during 9 am - 5 pm weekdays.

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