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Get your idle cash working with Kernel's Business Smart Saver

  • Market leading rate of 4.80% p.a.*

  • Same-day access transfer to/from bank accounts

  • Deposits aggregated and held in custody with one or more NZ registered banks

Market leading interest rate: 4.80% p.a.*

A competitive, market-leading rate that ensures your cash reserves don't just sit there - but grows. Plus it’s free from pesky fees and minimums (or maximums). Flexibility for businesses of all sizes.

Your money is in safe hands

Smart Saver money is held by Kernel’s independent custodian, Adminis NZ Limited, at one or more NZ registered, RBNZ regulated, investment grade credit rated bank.

Deposits are ring-fenced from any assets and liabilities of Kernel Wealth Limited and Adminis NZ Limited. These are therefore not available for any creditors should there be claims or financial difficulties.

An ‘investment grade’ bank means the bank has a credit rating of BBB or above. While bank defaults are possible, capital adequacy requirements make this very unlikely.

Kernel is a regulated entity. We hold an MIS license, FSP registration and are a licensed KiwiSaver provider.

Same-day access

Need to withdraw quickly for a sudden business opportunity?

Access deposits the same day that you need them, without delay or penalties. Superior interest rates and quick access; giving your business the upper hand.

Account opening & accounting made simple

Experience quick and effortless account opening. No mountains of paperwork or weeks spent waiting. Just a few clicks and you’re on your way!

Your accountant will love you with an easy data import. Kernel's account data is ready to be imported into Xero.

Ready to break up with your bank?

Open Smart Saver for business online in minutes.

*Interest rate is subject to change

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