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Feel good about money

The feeling of paying for something after saving up is so sweet. Get there faster with Kernel Save's competitive interest rates.

Save for short-term goals alongside your investments.

Our all-in-one personal finance platform lets you manage your short term savings, while watching your long-term investments grow. One log-in, and no hassles.

Start saving for your future home, today.


Held at RBNZ registered banks


With Kernel investment accounts

Notice Saver


  • Access your money with 34 days' notice

  • No minimums, fees or limits

  • Money held securely with a RBNZ registered bank

  • No paperwork or account openings

On-call Savings

Coming soon

  • Access your money anytime without fees

  • No minimums, fees or limits

  • Money held securely with a RBNZ registered bank

  • No paperwork or account openings

*rate as at 14/04/23 before tax and is subject to change

Got questions?
We have answers.

  • How do I deposit to Save?

    Simply deposit money into your Kernel account wallet and once it’s cleared, you can transfer the money to Kernel Save.

  • How secure is my money?

    All money is held by Kernel as the registered custodian with a registered New Zealand bank regulated by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. While bank defaults are possible, capital adequacy requirements make this very unlikely.

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Start saving for a better tomorrow, today.

If you’d like to talk to a human, call us on 0800 537 635 during 9 am - 5 pm weekdays.

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