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Make It Happen with Kernel Wealth

Create the future you want with Kernel, whether that is retiring early, buying your first home or spending more time with family.


To build long term wealth, you need a diversified portfolio. Start with one designed by our experts, or add and adjust your investments to match your interests.

  • Investing made easy with smart automation

  • 13 funds that invest across NZ and global markets

  • Super low management fees

Save @ 2.60%* p.a.

Start achieving your short term saving goals now with Kernel Save. Whether you're saving for your wedding, an upcoming house purchase or building an emergency fund.

  • Earn 2.60%* interest per annum

  • Take the temptation out of withdrawing with Notice Saver

  • Free with any Kernel investment account


Set yourself up for good with our low-fee Kernel KiwiSaver Plan. Enjoy retirement the way you want.

  • Designed for growth, or designed by you

  • Low annual fees, with no member or account fees

  • Sustainable funds to invest for a better tomorrow

Make Tomorrow Happen, Today!

Open a Kernel account in minutes.

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