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Access market-leading financial products and technology. Customise, automate and grow your money with Kernel.

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A platform experience to love

Track, manage and grow your money in one place, with ease.

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Smart investing, made easy

Mix and match between our range of investments. Keep it simple or dig into the details.

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KiwiSaver, sorted

Work towards your first home deposit or retirement with the Kernel KiwiSaver Plan.

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Savings for now and beyond

Start saving for your short-term goals; automate it to stay the course.

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Kernel web platform
Kernel web platform
Kernel web platform
Kernel web platform

See our Product Disclosure Statement for more info.

Your life, your wealth,
managed effortlessly

Choose the account type that best fits your needs, preferences or family make-up. Leave the rest to us.


Set an individual account up in minutes, to manage and grow your money with Kernel.

Whether it’s kids, individual or trust accounts, we’ve got your family covered. Set up multiple accounts, then connect them together through our multi-account feature.

Protect future generations’ wealth through setting up a trust account with Kernel.

Set up a business account to gain access to our financial products. Or, enable your employees to grow their wealth through group solutions.

Whether you have a financial adviser, or are one, our Advised solution can support your needs.

Next-level tech for next-level investors

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Personalised for your goals

Your investments, your insights

Gain real-time insights about where and how your money is invested.

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Access your money anywhere, anytime


Set and forget, automated, done

Take the hard work out of saving and investing. Leverage our automation functionality.

Meeting you where you’re at

Call, chat or email

Do you have account-related questions? Our Auckland-based team has you covered.

Chat to our team

Self-serve help

Find answers to your saving or investing questions in our help centre, or using our educational resources.

Learn about money

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Trusted by 20,000+ Kiwis

Our customers trust us with over $1B of their money. Here are a few ways we keep it safe:

Licensed by the FMA

As a licensed fund manager, Kernel is subject to ongoing regulation by the Financial Markets Authority.

Independent supervisor and custodian

Kernel's funds are supervised by Trustees Executors Limited. All assets are held by an independent custodian.

2-factor authentication

We use 2FA to protect your Kernel account. Confirm it's you before logging in.

Nathalie & Ross, Auckland
Jervis, Digital Marketer, Auckland
Josh, Farmer, Waikato
Ryan, Senior Developer, Auckland

We love that Kernel is so user-friendly, simplified and you’re not overwhelmed with choice up front.

Nathalie & Ross, Auckland

Working toward generating a passive income long-term, and retiring early.

Kernel’s low fees and innovative funds are attractive. Their investment ethos aligns with my values.

Jervis, Digital Marketer, Auckland

Investing towards buying his time back in the future.

I like that Kernel has low fees, and there’s no minimum investment amount.

Josh, Farmer, Waikato

Investing towards farm ownership.

Kernel’s diversified funds helped answer the question of ‘Which funds should I invest in?

Ryan, Senior Developer, Auckland

Creating generational wealth for his family.

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