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Investor Stories: Ryan Potter

Using a set and for get approach, investor Ryan Potter is aiming to achieve his goal of creating int...

Christine Jensen

Christine Jensen

December 5, 2023

November 29, 2023

How Safe is My Investment?

When making the decision to invest it's natural to seek comfort that they're being managed prudently. At Kernel, your investments are protected.

It’s No Secret

Financial freedom can be found in a podcast

Join Cat and Christine every Tuesday for the ins and outs of all things money, property, investing and building wealth.

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  • Who can invest?

    All our products are available to New Zealand residents. While our Kernel KiwiSaver plan is currently only available to individuals over 18, we can open Invest accounts for kids, trusts and companies.

  • What fund should I choose?

    Which fund you choose should be in consideration of your age, appetite for risk, your time horizon for the investment and your purpose. You've got a wide range of Kernel funds to choose from - find out more about our funds.

Events by request

Whether you're interested in having a member of our team join your conference or panelist event, host an in-office financial literacy workshop or want to collaborate with us to bring a new event to life, we'd love to work with you to create some event magic.

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