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working for you.

The simple way to grow your money like the world’s most sophisticated investors.

Each year $1,000,000,000 of potential wealth creation is lost by Kiwis leaving their savings in cash and term deposits.

Welcome to Kernel, where index investments grow your savings and your future.

Our Investments

Funds that will help build the future you want.

Grow your savings with a diversified portfolio of index investments. It’s effortless, transparent and provides strong, industry-standard returns.
Invest Globally

Access the biggest companies in the world.

Invest Sustainably

Invest across a variety of markets and sustainable themes. 

Invest Locally

Three funds investing in companies listed on the NZX.

Invest in the Future

Invest in technology changing our tomorrow. 

Meet the Kernel Platform

Online access anywhere, anytime.

Save smarter, not harder.

Your money working for you

Low Management Fees.

No Transaction Fees.

No Foreign Exchange fees.

Ways to invest

How can I invest?

We have a range of investment options designed to grow your savings and your future.

1. Self-directed investing

For the DIY investor, choose from our curated range of index funds.

2. Auto Invest

Saving or investing regularly? Let our platform invest automatically and take the work out of managing your investments.

3. Investment Bundles

Our funds are designed to fit together and our bundles suggest how they do, so you can invest your savings in one-click. Learn more about bundles here.

4. Advised

We have access to a large network of independent advisers and private wealth managers across New Zealand who can assist with any special circumstances. Get in touch if you would like to talk with someone about managing your wealth.

If you’re an adviser or wholesale investor, find out more about how you can work with Kernel here.

For the DIY investor, choose from our curated range of index funds.
We take no shortcuts when it comes to security

We keep your money safe

Thousands of Kiwis have put their trust in us. Our premium, secure platform ensures your money and personal data is safe. Our fully independent custodian holds all investments we manage and our stringent New Zealand manager’s license ensures we meet our obligations on behalf of all our investors. 

Superhuman customer service

People love us for our funds and the helpful, responsive people who are there to answer questions. There’s no bots here, just Kiwis helping Kiwis. We offer real human support you might have not thought imaginable from an online investing platform. Got a question?

Approachable, respectful and plain-speaking help from Kernel supported our family’s journey away from bank savings to investing. Kernel eliminated the complexity, stress and hassle of investing decisions to help realise everyday family goals like saving for a first car, a university education, or our nest-egg for retirement.
Trent, 51

Cambridge, NZ

Kernel is trusted by 1000s of Kiwis to help grow their future.

With low term deposits interest rates, I was looking for better alternatives. I learnt everything I needed to know about Kernel through their events, webinars and chatting with the team. I now feel confident to step outside of using simply term deposits and using Kernel to achieve my long-term, financial goals.
Rosemary, 35

Whangarei, NZ

Kernel is a fantastic passive investment option. It is low-cost, easy to use and the team are always quick to respond to any queries. I use Kernel to set and forget my regular investments.
Gerard, 31

Auckland, NZ

Put your money to work in less than 5 minutes

If you would like to talk to a human, call us on 0800 537 635 during 9am-5pm weekdays.

Need to talk? Call us on 0800 537 635 during 9am-5pm weekdays.