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November 16, 2023

Managing Your Money Now, Soon or Later

Finding it challenging to balance your short-term money goals against longer-term goals such as retirement?

Maybe in light of high interest rates, you're wondering whether to use cash products or invest in shares? Or perhaps you're on the fence between focusing on your mortgage and wanting to invest outside of the house?

Join us on Thursday 16 November at 12:30 pm for a webinar with Kernel Founder, Dean Anderson, and Head of Marketing and Customer Strategy, Cat Emerson. They'll be sharing valuable insights on how you can balance your money goals across different timelines, "Now, Soon, or Later". 

During this 45-minute online session, you will gain practical tips on how to prioritise financial goals, which asset types (cash, shares, property etc.) may be appropriate for your timelines and much more! They'll also answer all your tricky questions about money.

Can't attend? No worries! Register anyway and we'll send you the recording afterward. Register now using the link below. 👇

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