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Invest for the future you want

Our low-cost index funds are the easy way to invest for the long term. Invest like an expert, without needing to be one.

Personalised Portfolios

Build a portfolio fit for your future

Everyone’s investment goals, values and strategies are different; design a portfolio that’s unique to yours with our range of low-cost, diversified index funds.

Self-directed Strategies

Invest in the core, or shoot for the moon

Do you want to build diversified, long term wealth? Or would you rather bet big on future technology and innovation? Kernel has funds to suit you, whatever your investment strategy.

Learn about core-satellite investing with Kernel.

Auto-Invest, it’s auto-magic

Invest and continue doing what you love.

Investing isn’t easy, we just make it feel that way. With Auto-Invest you can regularly invest at a frequency that works for you. In three simple steps, you’ll have future you taken care of.

Sustainable Funds

Invest your future in Sustainability

Invest for your values and the world you want to see in the future. Sustainable funds that only invest in companies that meet strict environmental, social and governance requirements.

A list of funds focusing on sustainability

Future You Calculator

Invest in Future You

Change the inputs below to see how your investment would have performed in different years compared to cash savings and how regular investing can work to your benefit.

I had
to invest starting on 1 January
and then contributed
a month into the
NZ 20
fund until 30 June 2022.



NZ 20


Cash Savings

Start today

See how this calculator works here.

Got questions?
We have answers.

  • What do I need to get started?

    Five minutes of your time, your IRD number, your New Zealand identification and your NZ bank account details. If you don’t have NZ I.D. you can contact us for other options. See how Kernel works.

  • Who can invest?

    All our products are available to New Zealand residents. While our Kernel KiwiSaver plan is currently only available to individuals over 18, we can open Invest accounts for kids, trusts and companies.

A richer future doesn't cost a fortune.

Kernel Invest is designed to help you build your wealth with low-cost Index Funds. Use our fee calculator below to see for yourself.

How much will you be investing annually?


Your annual fee:


Equivalent to $38/year

Fee breakdown


Annual management fee*


Monthly member fee


Trading & FX fees

*This estimates the total annual fees for an investment in the High Growth Fund or Kernel Funds excluding the satellite funds. Those satellite funds have a management fee up to 0.45% p.a. The total annual fees displayed includes the platform fee of $5/month for balances over $25,000

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Start investing for a better tomorrow, today.

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