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Our Team & Culture

Our team of globally experienced financial professionals are passionate about creating a world where everyone has the same access to the best financial tools. Our approachable, friendly team bring world-class financial expertise with a local focus.

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We’re growing a great team behind the scenes...

  • 🙌 We’re passionate about diversity

    Behind the scenes, we are a growing, dedicated and diverse team that shows deep respect for everybody we engage with. We carry ourselves with integrity and this is reflected in how we engage with you as our investor. Kernel is committed to providing a safe, welcoming and inclusive workplace for all staff. We respect and value the characteristics that make individuals unique including gender, gender identity and expression, ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion and socio-economic background.

  • 🤝 What diversity means to us

    To us, diversity doesn’t mean tokenism, photographic diversity or bias. It means during recruitment, internal discussion and career progression considering more than skills and experience, as to how the new perspective, personality and background might complement our team and mission. We believe a team that supports and represents the diversity within our communities makes our organisation stronger. It also makes us more capable of understanding our broad-ranging investor needs, ensuring we respond effectively to them.

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Proud supporters of the pride community

One of our core values is to foster thinking differently – because not all investors are alike. We empower them to express their individuality. We’re proud to be members of and support the rainbow community during Pride Week and every other day of the year.

We also do this....

  • 🌿 Offset our carbon emissions

    As a future-focussed company, we voluntarily offset our carbon emissions through Toitu Envirocare. Further, we make a concerted effort to reduce our carbon footprint by minimising domestic travel, opting for compostable marketing materials and more.

  • 💸 Accredited Living Wage Employer

    Our mission to create a world where Kiwis are wealthier, more financially literate and good savings and investing behaviours is embedded for future generations, starts internally with our people. As an Accredited Certified Living Wage Employer, we want to ensure our employees are paid fairly in order to fund a life they can enjoy.

Meet the team

Our values

What we stand for

  • Never Stop Innovating

    An insatiable desire to understand the inner workings of things fosters an environment of continual thinking and problem solving.

  • Say It Like It Is

    We will always engage with our investors in a language they understand – never diluted and never in the small print.

  • Think Different

    Not all investors or our team are alike and we will empower them to express their individuality.

  • Think Together

    We encourage open and free sharing of opinions, so that everyone feels as though they can collaborate and contribute.

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Careers at Kernel

Build a career worth investing in at Kernel

We’re always on the look out for talented individuals to join our team. Check out our latest openings or send us your résume.

  • Flexible Working

  • Auckland CBD Office

  • Competitive Salary

  • Start-up Culture

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