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We started Kernel because we want to help you achieve your life goals. When you have control of your finances you hold the power to direct your future, pursue your passions and live a rich and meaningful life. It’s about having the freedom and skills to realise your greatest potential.

Meet the team

Our team of globally experienced financial professionals are passionate about helping ambitious individuals achieve financial freedom. Through our combined experience we understand the investor challenge; we are nimble and innovative at heart. The result is a wealth solution that champions digital technology – we put the tools in the hands of investors so they can make the best choice for their goals. 

Our mission is to change the financial future of millions. 

Dean Anderson
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Upton
 Chief Operating Officer
Catherine Emerson
Marketing & Customer Strategy
Gavin Weekes
Compliance & Risk Officer

What we stand for


Think Different

Not all investors are alike and we will empower them to express their individuality.


Think Together

We encourage open and free sharing of opinions, so that everyone feels as though they can collaborate and contribute.


Never Stop Innovating

We have an insatiable desire to understand the inner workings of things, fostering an environment of continual thinking and problem solving.


Say It Like It Is

We call a spade a spade, not a gardening tool. We will always engage with our investors in a language they understand – never diluted and never in the small print.

We're running a marathon, not a sprint.

Index investing

We reckon a prosperous future requires clever investment decisions.  That’s why we take a long term, data-driven approach to investing, that’s backed by decades of research.


We tell our investors exactly what they’re paying in fees, where their money’s being invested and when.


Fees reduce investment returns, that’s why we strive to deliver more for less by using technology to lower fees.


Diversifying your investments is important and helps minimize risk while maximizing rewards.

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