Our Story

How Kernel came about

Kernel was born out of frustration with the inefficiencies, lack of innovation and low level of financial literacy holding back the New Zealand financial industry, and ultimately Kiwi’s financial futures.

Throw in low interest rates along the way and savings accounts have stopped working as a way for Kiwis to grow their money.

It's time for a new solution

Kiwis deserve better investment options to grow their long-term wealth.

At Kernel, we offer just this. Through our digital platform, world-class investment funds and quality financial resources, Kiwis now have an effective way to grow their savings over the long-term.

We’re passionate about creating a world where all Kiwis are wealthier, more financially literate, and good savings and investing behaviour is embedded for future generations. 

Meet the team behind the magic

Dean Anderson

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Upton

Chief Operating Officer

Catherine Emerson

Head of Marketing & Strategy

Our investment philosophy

We’re running a marathon, not a sprint. We take a time-tested, long-term investment approach and encourage our investors to do the same.

While no two investors are the same, we believe that by embodying Kernel’s investment philosophies, investors have the ability to invest successfully and ultimately achieve financial freedom.

The future we'd like to see

Through successful long-term investing, Kiwis will be wealthier, more financially literate and have more choice to live the lives they desire.

As a country, New Zealand will have a healthier financial ecosystem and as a society, we will be contributing to better, more efficient economic growth.

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Our Funds

Build your future with Kernel funds

Grow your savings with a diversified portfolio of index investments. It’s effortless, transparent and provides strong, industry-standard returns.

Our Resources

Learn more about investing

Whether you’re new to investing or an experienced investor, we have a range of resources to support your continued learning – blogs, videos, podcasts and more. 

Our Team

Meet the rest of the Kernel team

Our team of globally experienced financial professionals are passionate about helping Kiwis achieve financial freedom. 

Start investing in less than 5 minutes

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