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Peter, his partner Wendy and their three children began a transformative journey when they relocated from South Africa to New Zealand in 1997. Commencing a new chapter at the age of 40, marked a fresh beginning for their family.

In their initial years in New Zealand, Peter focused less on investing and more on supporting his family as a Registered Nurse, as he managed the delicate balance between professional and family life. At the time, Wendy was also studying to be a Social Worker.

How their investing journey began

Introduced to investing through unit trusts, Peter discovered a pathway to the share markets without navigating the complexities of individual shares. These early investment ventures were pivotal in facilitating their move to New Zealand.

The advent of KiwiSaver reignited Peter's interest in investing, leading him to absorb insights from renowned investment gurus such as: 

  • Mary Holm

  • Jack Bogle

  • JL Collins

  • Dave Gow,

  • and Lars Kroijer.

The consistent central message echoed simplicity, resilience, and the mantra to "Stay the Course."

Finding the Kernel platform and community

Having tried out various investment platforms, Peter's attention was captured by a new player – Kernel. Guided by Google searches on index investing, Peter decided to become a part of the Kernel community.

The decision to join Kernel felt like more than just a financial move. Peter reached out to the team—Stephen, Dean, Cat, and Sam. Kernel was a bit smaller then but the response he received was the same.

“It wasn't solely about investments; it was about joining a family that valued its members,” Peter said.

Wendy also received helpful guidance from Cat about investing some of her dad’s money as he suffers from dementia. Shortly after, Wendy moved her KiwiSaver balance and investments to Kernel as well.

His retirement portfolio strategy

As retirement approached, Peter shifted his focus to simplifying his portfolio.

Embracing Kernel's research, he narrowed it down to two funds—the Global 100 and Cash Plus Fund.

“I try to keep it as simple as possible or I tend to fiddle, diversification is not always about more funds, and 100 globally diversified companies is enough,” Peter says.

Enjoying retirement

Life beyond investments is about relaxation and connection for Peter and Wendy.

They savour moments with each other, indulge in meals out, connect with their kids and grandchildren based in Perth, and cherish the company of their furry companion, Paddy.


The content shared in this blog reflects the author's personal experiences and should not be taken as financial advice. Individual circumstances vary, and readers should seek professional guidance before making any investment decisions.

Tim Rodriguez

Tim Rodriguez

Marketing Coordinator | LinkedIn



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