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We’ve been busy working behind the scenes to bring you a new on-call savings account: Kernel’s Smart Saver.

Launching in April, this account offers flexibility, security and a great interest rate for those of you saving for short-term goals. Need somewhere to park your emergency fund? We've got you covered!

Here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • A competitive interest rate – 4.80%*

  • Increased flexibility – withdraw funds within 2 business days

  • Security – your money will be held with a NZ registered bank, with an investment grade credit rating

*Interest rate is subject to change.

There will be no fees associated with a Smart Saver account, so you can deposit and withdraw with no associated costs.

Sound like a bit of you? Join our waitlist below!

Want to know a little more about the Smart Saver account? Check out a couple of FAQs below.

What are the fees for Smart Saver?

Smart Saver will be free with any Kernel account; that’s right, there are no transaction or account fees.

Kernel earns a small commission from our banking partners. You can read about our full pricing here.

How safe is my money in Smart Saver?

Your money is in safe hands.

Kernel is a regulated entity. We hold an MIS license, FSP registration and are a licensed KiwiSaver provider.

Smart Saver money is held by Kernel’s custodian, Adminis, and with a NZ registered, RBNZ regulated, investment grade credit rated bank. An ‘investment grade’ bank means the bank has a credit rating of BBB or above.

While bank defaults are possible, capital adequacy requirements make this very unlikely.

Is Smart Saver a Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE)?

Smart Saver is not a Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) investment. Any interest earned on the account will be charged at your Resident Withholding Tax (RWT) rate.

Christine Jensen

Christine Jensen

Marketing Manager



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