Global Infrastructure

A globally diversified investment in mostly infrastructure lines of business, e.g. utilities, storage and telecommunications, providing relatively stable cash flow and inflation hedging.


10 year p.a. return to
June 2021


Management fee p.a. (before rebate)


Indicative dividend
yield at 30 June 2021

The fund pays distributions

Fund Overview

Infrastructure is the backbone of modern societies, benefiting from guaranteed government contracts and limited competition. It follows that companies involved in this space have stable cash flows and are hedged against inflation. Through this fund you can invest in global companies which derive at least 70% of their cash flows from infrastructure lines of business, which adds an element of reliability to a portfolio. Closely tied to economic growth, exposure to infrastructure can benefit investors long-term. This fund tracks the Dow Jones Brookfield Global Infrastructure Index and covers all sectors of the infrastructure market.

CompanyIndustry% as at 30 June 2021
American Tower Corp ASpecialized REITs9.84%
Crown Castle Intl CorpSpecialized REITs6.76%
Enbridge IncOil & Gas transportation6.51%
Vinci OrdConstruction & Engineering4.20%
National Grid PLC OrdMulti-Utilities3.89%
TC Energy CorporationOil & Gas transportation3.89%
Sempra EnergyMulti-Utilities3.34%
Kinder Morgan IncOil & Gas transportation2.84%
SBA Communications CorpSpecialized REITs2.79%
Cellnex Telecom SA OrdTelecommunication Networks2.77%
The Williams Companies IncOil & Gas transportation2.58%
Transurban Group StapledHighways & Railtracks2.34%
American Water Works Co IncWater Utilities2.24%
Eversource EnergyElectric Utilities2.21%
ONEOK IncOil & Gas transportation1.99%
Consolidated Edison IncMulti-Utilities1.97%
Edison IntlElectric Utilities1.76%
Fortis IncElectric Utilities1.67%
Cheniere Energy IncOil & Gas transportation1.60%
Pembina Pipeline CorporationOil & Gas transportation1.40%
Hong Kong and China Gas Co LtdGas Utilities1.39%
PG&E CorporationElectric Utilities1.21%
Ferrovial SA OrdConstruction & Engineering1.17%
ENN Energy Holdings LtdGas Utilities1.15%
Centerpoint Energy IncMulti-Utilities1.14%
Atmos Energy CorpGas Utilities1.01%
Snam SpAGas Utilities0.98%
Aena SME SA OrdAirport Services0.97%
Terna SpAElectric Utilities0.84%
Essential Utilities IncWater Utilities0.82%
Targa Resources CorpOil & Gas transportation0.81%
Nisource IncMulti-Utilities0.77%
United Utilities Group PLC OrdWater Utilities0.74%
Atlantia SpA OrdHighways & Railtracks0.73%
Naturgy Energy Group SAGas Utilities0.70%
Severn Trent PLC OrdWater Utilities0.67%
Red Electrica Corporacion SAElectric Utilities0.64%
APA Group StapledGas Utilities0.63%
China Gas Holdings LtdGas Utilities0.60%
Hydro One LimitedElectric Utilities0.59%
Tokyo Gas CoGas Utilities0.58%
Inter Pipeline LtdOil & Gas transportation0.56%
Getlink SE OrdHighways & Railtracks0.54%
Pennon Group PlcWater Utilities0.53%
China Tower Corporation Ltd - H SharesTelecommunication Networks0.51%
Auckland International AirportAirport Services0.49%
Keyera CorpOil & Gas transportation0.48%
Enagas SA OrdGas Utilities0.46%
Sydney AirportAirport Services0.46%
China Resources Gas Group LtdGas Utilities0.42%
Toho Gas CoGas Utilities0.39%
National Fuel GasGas Utilities0.38%
Atlas Arteria ORDHighways & Railtracks0.37%
HICL Infrastructure Co Ltd0.36%
ONE Gas IncGas Utilities0.32%
Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico S A B de C V ADRAirport Services0.31%
Southwest Gas Holdings IncGas Utilities0.31%
New Jersey Resources CorpGas Utilities0.31%
Japan Airport Terminal CoAirport Services0.30%
Spire IncGas Utilities0.30%
Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste SAB de CV B ADRAirport Services0.30%
INWIT - Infrastrutture Wireless SpaTelecommunication Networks0.30%
Kunlun Energy Co. LtdGas Utilities0.29%
Elia Group OrdElectric Utilities0.28%
ADP PromessesAirport Services0.28%
Italgas SpAGas Utilities0.25%
Flughafen Zurich AGAirport Services0.25%
Northwestern CorpMulti-Utilities0.25%
Antero Midstream CorpOil & Gas transportation0.24%
Vopak NVOil & Gas transportation0.24%
Spark Infrastructure GroupElectric Utilities0.24%
American States Water CoWater Utilities0.24%
SES SACables & Satellites0.23%
California Water Services GroupWater Utilities0.23%
Gibson Energy IncOil & Gas transportation0.23%
3i Infrastructure Plc0.21%
Cia de Saneamento Basico Es de S Paulo ADRWater Utilities0.20%
Fraport AGAirport Services0.20%
Ausnet Services LimitedElectric Utilities0.20%
Brookfield Infrastructure Corporation Class AGas Utilities0.19%
Grupo Aeroportuario Cen-AdrAirport Services0.18%
Chesapeake Utilities CorpGas Utilities0.17%
China Merchants Port Holdings Co LtdMarine Ports & Services0.16%
Eutelsat Communications SACables & Satellites0.16%
Beijing Enterprises Water Group LtdWater Utilities0.15%
SJW GroupWater Utilities0.14%
Beijing Enterprises Holdings LtdGas Utilities0.14%
Enlink Midstream LLCOil & Gas transportation0.13%
Northwest Natural Holding CoGas Utilities0.13%
Jiangsu Expressway Co Ltd H SharesHighways & Railtracks0.11%
COSCO SHIPPING Ports LtdMarine Ports & Services0.10%
Zhejiang Expressway Co. Ltd. - H SharesHighways & Railtracks0.10%
Beijing Capital International Airport Co. Ltd. - H SharesAirport Services0.10%
Hutchison Port Holdings TrustMarine Ports & Services0.09%
Acea Spa OrdMulti-Utilities0.08%
Helios Towers PLCTelecommunication Networks0.08%
UNITIL CorpMulti-Utilities0.06%
Towngas China Co. LtdGas Utilities0.06%
China Water Affairs Group LtdWater Utilities0.05%
Shenzhen Expressway Co Ltd H SharesHighways & Railtracks0.05%
Fjordkraft Holding ASAElectric Utilities0.05%
Rai Way Spa0.05%
Westshore Terminals Investment CorpMarine Ports & Services0.04%
Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure LtdHighways & Railtracks0.04%
Hainan Meilan International Airport Co Ltd - H SharesAirport Services0.04%
Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG OrdMarine Ports & Services0.04%

Fund Holdings

Transparency is key and we think you should know which companies you own within our Fund. There are currently 106 companies in the Fund, spread across 20 countries. You can find out more about constituent selection here.

Sector Holdings

For those that like to get into the detail of asset allocation or their holdings, this sector breakdown shows you which industries you have investment across.  


Range of returns

-26.25% vs +47.41%

The best and the worst 12 month returns in the 10 years to June 2021*

Growth of $10,000


For the 5 years to June 2021, you would be up 48.09%*

Investment Objective

Diversification & Income Generation

The fund is designed to provide global diversification and income generation.

*These are the gross index returns, not including fees or taxes.


3 months


1 year


5 years
10 years
Since Inception


Fund returns are after fees, but before tax as at 30 June 2021. See our full performance disclaimer for more details. 

Under $25,000 invested


Over $25,000 invested


Fees & perks simplified

The investment management fee rebate is on your total invested portfolio, not per fund. For more information on how this works, please see here


The risk indicator reflects how much the value of the Fund’s assets goes up and down (volatility). A higher risk generally means higher potential returns over time, but more ups and downs along the way. The lowest risk rating doesn’t mean “risk-free” and this risk indicator is not a guarantee of a Fund’s future performance.

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