S&P Kensho Moonshots Innovation

Own your share of 50 of the most innovative US-listed companies at the forefront of disruptive themes changing our tomorrow, e.g. Virgin Galactic Holdings, iRobot, Microvision and more.


5 year p.a. index return
to 31 December 2021


Management fee p.a. (before rebate)


Companies in the fund

Info tech

Largest sector

Fund Overview

Be like a venture capitalist and diversify your portfolio by investing in disruptive ideas and innovations that will shape our lives today and in the future. This fund is comprised of 50 US-listed companies, headquartered globally, with the highest Early-Stage Composite Innovation Score as assessed by the AI smarts of Kensho. The fund provides exposure to 21 disruptive sectors such as smart grids, cleantech, cyber security and space exploration; these are the Moonshots. Market capitalisation and liquidity are key criteria for index selection; with minimum company size being $100M. These international high-growth companies are a mix of ground breaking start-ups and established innovative corporates each with the possibility for exponential potential. This fund tracks the S&P Kensho Moonshots Index.

CompanyIndustry% as at 31 Dec 2021
ProQR Therapeutics BVGenetic Engineering2.48%
Juniper Networks IncCyber Security2.45%
A10 Networks IncCyber Security2.45%
Netscout Systems IncCyber Security2.35%
Luminar Technologies IncSmart Transportation2.33%
Gritstone Bio IncHuman Evolution2.32%
Silicon Laboratories IncSmart Buildings2.25%
Energy Recovery IncSmart Grids2.24%
Dropbox Inc.Enterprise Collaboration2.22%
OneConnect Financial Technology Co Ltd ADRDistributed Ledger2.19%
Adaptimmune Therapeutics plc ADRGenetic Engineering2.18%
Yelp IncDigital Communities2.17%
ImmunityBio IncGenetic Engineering2.15%
Stem IncCleantech2.15%
908 Devices IncHuman Evolution2.14%
CRISPR Therapeutics AGGenetic Engineering2.13%
Nikola CorporationSmart Transportation2.13%
Xperi Holding CorporationSemiconductors2.11%
Arcturus Therapeutics Holdings Inc.Genetic Engineering2.10%
Ambarella IncAutonomous Vehicles2.08%
Asana Inc. Class AAsana Inc. Class AEnterprise Collaboration2.08%
Agilysys IncFuture Payments2.07%
Varonis Systems IncCyber Security2.07%
C3.ai Inc Class AInternet Services & Infrastructure2.05%
ChargePoint Holdings Inc.Smart Transportation2.02%
TuSimple Holdings Inc Class AAutonomous Vehicles2.01%
BIT Mining LimitedDistributed Ledger2.00%
Romeo Power, Inc Class ASmart Transportation1.96%
Ballard Power Systems IncCleantech1.94%
Eos Energy Enterprises IncCleantech1.94%
Butterfly Network Inc Class AHuman Evolution1.93%
Recursion Pharmaceuticals Inc Class AHuman Evolution1.93%
Velodyne Lidar IncAutonomous Vehicles1.88%
Vuzix CorpWearables1.86%
View IncCleantech1.84%
BigCommerce Holdings IncDigital Communities1.84%
Virgin Galactic Holdings IncSpace1.84%
Nano Dimension Ltd ADR3D Printing1.83%
Canaan IncDistributed Ledger1.81%
Ouster IncSmart Transportation1.78%
Desktop Metal Inc. Class A3D Printing1.77%
Electrameccanica Vehicles CorpSmart Transportation1.77%
Workhorse Group IncDrones1.76%
Asensus Surgical Inc.Human Evolution1.75%
Aeva Technologies IncAutonomous Vehicles1.74%
LendingClub CorpDemocratized Banking1.70%
Inovio Pharmaceuticals IncGenetic Engineering1.68%
Ebang International Holdings Inc. ADistributed Ledger1.61%
Microvision IncVirtual Reality1.56%
Accelerate Diagnostics IncRobotics1.37%

Fund Holdings

Transparency is key and we think you should know which companies you own within our Fund. There are currently 50 companies in the Fund, spread across 21 sectors & 7 countries.  You can find out more about constituent selection here.

Sector Holdings

For those that like to get into the detail of asset allocation or their holdings, this sector breakdown shows you which industries you have investment across.  


Range of returns

-14.92% vs +242.81%

The best and the worst 12 months returns in 5 years to December 2021*

Growth of $10,000


For the 5 years to December 2021, you would be up 310.71%*

Investment Objective

Capital Growth

The Fund is designed to focus on capital growth and is a great satellite holding.

*These are the gross index returns, not including fees or taxes.


3 months


1 year


5 years


10 years
Since Inception


Fund returns are after fees and at 0% PIR tax as at 31 December 2021. See our full performance disclaimer for more details. 

Under $25,000 invested


Over $25,000 invested


Fees & perks simplified

The investment management fee rebate is on your total invested portfolio, not per fund. For more information on how this works, please see here


The risk indicator reflects how much the value of the Fund’s assets goes up and down (volatility). A higher risk generally means higher potential returns over time, but more ups and downs along the way. The lowest risk rating doesn’t mean “risk-free” and this risk indicator is not a guarantee of a Fund’s future performance.

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