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Investor Story
3 min read
Christine Jensen

Investor Stories: Chris and Rosemary Honiss

Living a relaxed lifestyle at Whangarei Heads, thirty-something investors Chris and Rosemary had never given much thought to investing. That was, until lockdown. With newfound time on their hands, they began to reassess their lives, how

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7 min read
Dean Anderson

Top 10 Personal Finance Books for Kiwis

As lockdown restrictions roll into September, we’re finding ourselves turning to the bookshelf/kindle for some distraction, inspiration, and personal growth. After all, binge watching and

Read our latest Industry articles

6 min read
Dean Anderson

Three Forces Accelerating Sustainable Investing

Since 2018, increasing demand for sustainable investing has seen ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) funds grow 10-fold. Investors are not only interested in the financial outcome of

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