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5 min read
Dean Anderson

The problem with exchange traded funds (ETFs)

It’s likely you know what exchange traded funds (ETFs) are and how they can fit into your investment portfolio (hello diversification). But you might be surprised to learn that they may not

4 min read
Sam Tither

Who are you buying and selling shares from?

The world of investing can be a scary yet exciting place for new investors. There can be highs and lows, and both irrational behaviour (GameStop gambling) and sensible behaviour (auto-investing). But with

3 min read
Dean Anderson

The Opportunity Cost of Savings

How much interest have you earned on your savings in the past five years? If you left your money sitting in the bank, earning the

6 min read
Dean Anderson

How to start investing: Part one

Successful investing isn’t as hard as you think. In this blog (part one!) we will walk you through key concepts and handy tips to help

6 min read
Dean Anderson

What to consider when investing globally

First things first, why invest globally at all? Especially when the NZ market has regularly out-performed most global markets. Plus it can be more tax

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